Hera Laundry

Enhancing the Laundry Industry through Electronics and Computer Science

Hera Laundry leverages electronics and computer science to allow a technological leap forward for the Laundry Industry.

Check out the system and see how it will bring excellent results to the table.

Electronic Laundry Controller
Smart Web-Based Dashboard
Mobile Wash Configurator

An electronic controller that brings to life your laundry equipment

An electronic system that turns laundry equipment into smart, capable and smooth-operating machines. The system is made of:

  • a CPU to be placed on the front of the machine, which is both the mind of the system and the user interface
  • an I/O board to be placed inside the machine and connected to the various electrovalves and pumps, to allow controlled operation
  • sensors to capture and monitor different variables during operation
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One smart device and a smart app to take your laundry business to the next level, with a wise blend of electronics and computer science.

Track costs, consumptions and overall performance of your laundry business with the most advanced electronic controller for laundry equipment. As soon as Hera Laundry Controller is connected, it starts sharing clusters of useful data to its Cloud Application, where state of the art algorythms are constantly at work to analyse and elaborate raw data into digestible, easy-to-read and great looking charts and statistics.

It's like a personal tech genie that tracks the data you need, elaborates them for you and serves them to you whenever you need, with the nicest dregree of accuracy and top-class reliability.

With the right product, you can transform your business into a technology-backed Laundry Superstar.

We are sure you'll enjoy achieving more with no extra effort, so we've leveraged electronics and computer science to create a product and an app that allow just that.

A smart controller that manages your washers and dryers like a breeze, improving effectiveness and ease of use for laundry operators.

The controller comes equipped with a 7 inches touch screen that works like no others, with a unique UI. Wash programs are listed in ways you have always desired, machine parameters too and everthing in between is only one tap away.

You won't need user manuals and training guides anymore, because everything is intuitive and simply works as you would expect.

Overcomplicated laundry microprocessors that seem to be taken straight from the '80s? Not anymore. Hera Laundry Controller is the easiest and prettiest of them all, while still being the most powerful and technological on the market.

Everything about Hera Laundry has the aim to elevate the Laundry Experience for the operators and maximise productivity, efficiency and resource-saving.

Hera Laundry elevates the standards of the laundry industry because it is enjoyable to use and pleasing to the eye, all the while containing entire sets of features that can set your laundry business apart from the competition. The daily job of everyone involved is facilitated and naturally enhanced, including technical service.

Custom wash programs can be created easily, within seconds, directly from your mobile phone or any Android/iOS device.

The program wizard in our app has no competition out there: it guides you through the fastest and most felexible wash program creation you have every experienced.

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Years of expertise in laundry controllers and our vast know how in electronics and computer science have concurred to create a product that Customer are elated about.

'Highly approved!'

Me and my team had the chance to test out the electronic control and the mobile application earlier than most, as I volunteered for on-field testing and got early access! The simplicity and the beauty of the design are the first things one notices, but it's the use of the product day in and day out that allows to pick up incredible advantages: the Hera system is flexible, powerful and at the same time so immediate in its usability, that it really makes for faster operations and easier processes. Highly approved!

Hera Laundry

Enhancing the Laundry Industry through Electronics and Computer Science

Proudly Made in Italy 🇮🇹

Hera is designed and produced by CTA Electronics, Italy. Italian Excellence in Industrial Electronics, operating in the field since 1992.

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